Nugud’s Visit to Juba Historic…...Ann Itto

Image The SPLM Deputy Secretary General, Comrade Ann Itto has called the visit by the delegation of the Sudan Communist Party (SCP) to Juba as historic. She made these comments in a press conference at Juba International Airport, Friday, briefly after receiving Mohammed Ibrahim Nugud, Secretary General of the SCP and head of the delegation to Juba, Southern Sudan.



Comrade Itto further said the visit by the Communist Party to Juba shows that the South, and the Sudan as a whole, is surely transforming into a multi-party society where everyone gets the freedom and opportunity to visit and address its supporters anywhere within the country. She added that the SPLM is keen in power-sharing and will not feel threathened or bothered by the presence of other political parties, rather the SPLM looks forward to working with such parties in areas of commonalities.

Dr. Ann Itto, DSG speaking to journalists

The delegation from the Sudanese Communist Party arrived Juba, the capital of the semi-autonomous Government of Southern Sudan Friday 28th November 2008.

Speaking to journalists at the airport in Juba, Nugud said it was the first time in 31 years that a high level SCP delegation to visit the Juba. He went on to register his Party's support for the CPA but stressed that the issue of Darfur needs to be addressed before the nation can fully enjoy ‘Peace’.

The delegation is in Juba on an invitation by the Communists in Southern Sudan. Nugud is expected to address a really on Saturday 29th November in Juba where he will “explain the program and the policies of the Communist Party to our people in Juba” said Nugud.

The delegation of the SCP, accompanied by an SPLM delegation led by Comrade Dr. Ann later visited the Mausoleum of the late Dr. John Garang, founder of the SPLM/A who passed away in 2005 in a helicopter crash.

Nugud signing the guestbook at the Mausoleum of the Late Dr. Garang in Juba

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